Mobile Trader – The Future Of Online Investing

Invest with the FINMARKET Mobile Trading Platform and use your smartphone, Tablet or iPad to open trades, monitor your investments and manage your account. The Mobile Trading Platform is designed to fit all major mobile devices, bringing the sophisticated features of the trading platform to your mobile screen in a user friendly format.

Increase your Trading Time for Maximum Efficiency
Mobile trading allows you to effectively manage your time and increase your personal commitment to your trading plan without disrupting your private life. Use your mobile phone to trade during time that would previously have been wasted. Whenever you are in a queue, waiting room, on public transport, work break, or stuck in a dull social situation, you can login and begin trading.

Never Miss an Opportunity to Trade
The markets are in action 24 hours a day and react almost instantly to global events. With mobile trading you are never more than a couple of seconds away from your FINMARKET account and have the entire trading platform – literally – in the palm of your hand. Mobile trading gives you the power to respond rapidly to movement in the forex markets and take advantage of sudden opportunities. Get the latest market reports, updates and analysis* straight to your mobile phone and trade immediately from any location on the planet that has full network coverage. Access the free FINMARKET Mobile Trading Platform and maximize every trading opportunity.

* Provided by a third party and only for promotional purposes. Under no circumstances such information shall be interpreted and/or construed as investment advice. FINMARKET and K-DNA disclaims all liability and does not make any warranties or representations in any form or kind for the fitness of such services for the customer’s intended purpose.