Holiday Trading Hours

May 6th – May 9th, 2019

  • All times are according to GMT+3
  • Unless otherwise mentioned - trading hours are as usual.
  • All information presented in this file is correct as of today, and may be subject to change.
ExchangeInstrumentMon, May 6thWed, May 8thThu, May 9th
ICE Futures (US) AgricultureSugarLate Open 14:30OpenOpen
ICE Futures (Europe)FTSEClosedOpenOpen
London Stock Exchange (LSE)AllClosedOpenOpen
Japan Exchange Group (JPX)AllClosedOpenOpen
Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE)AllOpenClosedOpen
Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE)AllOpenClosedClosed
Moscow Stock Exchange (MOEX)AllOpenOpenClosed