SymbolDescriptionLeverageContract sizeSwap LongSwap ShortAverage Spread FromCommission From (USD)
VIXVolatility SP500 Index Future (CBOE)1:101000-3.23-3.23978
USOUnited States OIL LP (NYSE ARCA)1:10100-3-3488
UCOProshares Ultra Bloomberg Cruid OIL (NYSE ARCA)1:10100-3-3488
TADAWULTadawul All Shares Index - Saudi1:10100-12.2-12.25478
TA35Tel Aviv 35 Index1:10200-46.78-46.781478
OMXS30OMXS30 Index (NASDAQ OMX Nordic)1:10100-18.25-18.25488
MIBFTSE / MIB Index Future1:10100-182.37-182.373388
JSEFTSE/JSE Top 40 Index Future (Safex)1:10100-746.33-746.33643418
IBEXIBEX Index 35 (BME)1:10100-92.71-92.7112028
HSIHang Seng Index Future (HKE)1:10100-423-42344408
HHIChina H-Shares Index Futures (HKE)1:10100-168.2-168.219678
$INDUS$ Future Index (ICE-US)1:10100-1.57-1.57578
SPE-MINI S&P500 Index Future (CME)1:20100-26.73-19.97728
NSDQNasdaq100 Index Future (CME)1:20100-62.69-46.841228
NKNikkei 225 Index Future (CME)1:2010-16.62-16.628478
FTSEFTSE 100 Index Future (ICE-EU)1:2010-64.15-59.911478
DOWMINI-SIZE DOW Index Future (CME)1:2010-23.51-17.562478
DJEXXDJ Euro Stoxx Index Future (Eurex)1:2010-3.06-3.063228
DAXDAX 30 Index Future (Eurex)1:2010-10.97-10.971978
CACCAC 40 Index Future (Euronext)1:2010-4.54-4.545178
ASXASX SPI 200 Index Future (ASX)1:20100-75.72-47.155728

Please note that market spread quoted for CFD instruments may vary and is susceptible to underlying market conditions.