The 12th of July approaches in high speed as the upcoming ECB Monetary Policy Meeting is about to rock the boat.

In continuous to Quantitative Easing Policy time-out, major questions rise to put all eyes on ECB meeting:
 Will Interest Rates remain still as earlier declared by ECB seniors? Is euro’s descent coming to a stop against
strength of the dollar? What will be most prominent market pusher to stir currency waters?


Make Market Fluctuations Your Advantage

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  • The ECB Monetary meetings and announcements are explicit market movers
  • Market speculations offered prior to the ECB meeting generate massive volatility
  • Declared interest rates are financial game-changers to be maneuvered into profitable trading

Stay on top of your investment-making by following the buzz around the meeting and keep balance vs. market quake.

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Trading carries risk and could result in the loss of your entire capital.

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