Holiday Trading Hours

Christmas & New Year’s Day Trading Hours

  • All times are according to GMT+3
  • Unless otherwise mentioned - trading hours are as usual.
  • All information presented in this file is correct as of today, and may be subject to change.
ExchangeInstrumentMon, Dec 24thTue, Dec 25thWed, Dec 26thMon, Dec 31stTue, Jan 1stWed, Jan 2nd
FOREXAll Forex PairsOpenCloseOpenEarly Close 21:00CloseOpen
CME EnergyCrude OilEarly Close 20:45CloseOpenEarly Close 21:00CloseOpen
Natural Gas
RBOB Gasoline
CME MetalsGold SpotEarly Close 20:45CloseOpenEarly Close 21:00CloseOpen
Silver Spot
CME Equity IndexS&P 500Early Close 20:15CloseOpenEarly Close 21:00CloseOpen
Dow Jones
Nikkei 225 $
CME Agricultural - Grains and OilseedsCornEarly Close 20:05CloseLate Open 16:30Early Close 21:00CloseLate Open 16:30
ICE (US) Futures AgricultureSugarNormal CloseCloseLate Open 15:00Early Close 21:00CloseOpen
CocoaEarly Close 20:15
OrangeNormal Open
ICE (US)USD INDEXEarly Close 20:15CloseOpenEarly Close 21:00CloseOpen
ICE (Europe)FTSE 100Early Close 14:50CloseCloseEarly Close 14:50CloseOpen
Brent Crude OilEarly Close 21:00CloseOpenEarly Close 21:00CloseOpen
CBOEVIXEarly Close 20:15CloseOpenEarly Close 20:15CloseOpen
NYSE \ NASDAQAll US StocksEarly Close 20:00CloseOpenEarly Close 21:00CloseOpen
NYSE ARCA EquitiesAllEarly Close 20:00CloseOpenEarly Close 21:00CloseOpen
EuronextAllEarly Close 15:05CloseCloseEarly Close 15:05CloseOpen
Australia Exchange (ASX)AllEarly Close 05:10CloseCloseEarly Close 05:10CloseOpen
Toronto Stock Exchange (TMX)AllEarly Close 20:00CloseCloseEarly Close 21:00CloseOpen
Stockholm Stock Exchange
(Nasdaq Nordics)
Borse FrankfurtAllCloseCloseCloseCloseCloseOpen
Borse Frankfurt - XetraAllCloseCloseCloseCloseCloseOpen
Hong Kong Exchange (HKEX)AllEarly Close 06:00CloseCloseEarly Close 06:00CloseOpen
Borsa ItalianaAllCloseCloseCloseCloseCloseOpen
Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE)AllOpenCloseCloseEarly Close 13:00CloseOpen
Bolsa De Madrid (BME)AllEarly Close 15:00CloseCloseEarly Close 15:00CloseOpen
London Stock Exchange (LSE)AllEarly Close 14:30CloseCloseEarly Close 14:30CloseOpen
London Metal Exchange (LME)AllOpenCloseCloseOpenCloseOpen
Moscow Exchange Russia (MOEX)AllOpenOpenOpenCloseCloseClose
Borsa Istanbul (BIST)AllOpenOpenOpenEarly Close 21:00CloseOpen
Swiss Exchange (SIX)AllCloseCloseCloseCloseCloseClose